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To succeed in business, the most important factor is the bond between the business and customers. Maintaining good relations with the customers has been a big challenge for years. Nowadays, CRM software makes it easy to keep in contact with the customers and build trust. In this article, we will talk about some best inexpensive CRM software for small business.

To start with, we have to know what CRM software does. How does it work?

CRM software helps as a bridge between customers and businesses. It tracks customer engagement and interaction with the website and stores all the data in the main database. CRM software helps with the fluid communication between customers and the support team.

Additional features include, contact management, leads counting, sorting contact list, etc. Basically, a CRM solution will help manage business easily.

Inexpensive CRM Software for Small Business

It is not always expensive to get CRM software. A cheap CRM software will be perfect for small-sized businesses as it will not put pressure on the financial aspects. Inexpensive CRM software has certain types.

CRM software for small businesses is mainly two types:

  • 1 Cloud-based
  • 2 Software-based

Affordable or less expensive software can be both cloud and software-based. But most cheap CRMs are software-based. We will highlight some best inexpensive CRM software.


It is on top of our list because it gives all the necessary services that a small and medium company needs. Salesforce is one of the leading sites in the CRM service-providing market.

It gains its popularity by giving a bunch of CRM services at a cost-effective rate. Generally, most of its users are satisfied with the services provided by Salesforce.

HubSpot CRM solution

It is a cloud-based cheap CRM service. HubSpot CRM is one of the favorite software among small businesses. It is a certified Google partner. So, it is very much compatible with other Google products. HubSpot’s highlight features are leads management, contact management, sales automation, and automated emails.


If you are looking for everything in one CRM service provider the Vtiger could be the desired one. In its service list, it provides services like sales, marketing, help desk, project and inventory management, social media integration, etc. Vtiger is also renowned for its professional-looking email templates and campaigns.

Zoho CRM Software

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Zoho CRM has been around for a long time. Most people recommend it for its user-friendly interface and excellent customer support. The free plan supports up to 3 users and you can get the premium plan for more functionality starting at $9.99/month per user.

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