For achieving growth and profit CRM software is necessary. In this article, we will mention some of the best CRM Software For Small businesses.

For a small business customer relationship management or CRM software should be the hub of managing the entire business with current and future customers. CRM software manages contacts, sales tracking, sends emails, makes calls, and other useful functions. It will easily manage and scale your business. We talked about free CRM software too. Those are free of cost and suitable for most small businesses. However, there are other premium options as well.

We have tested several CRM software designed especially for small businesses. Moreover, they are also equally useful for any business. We will now discuss the best CRM for small businesses comparing their pros as well as cons.

Best CRM Software for Startups

Cost is a major consideration for a startup business. That’s why we will mention CRMs costing less than $50 per month. Some of them also provide free services which are more than enough for a small startup. Here are some of the Best CRM for Small Businesses in 2021-

  • Zoho CRM
  • Insightly
  • HubSpot CRM
  • Bitrix21
  • SalesForce

Zoho CRM

Scaling a business is the most important aspect of a small business. Zoho CRM does this fantastically and effectively. It provides a deep selection of add-ons and proper customization. Zoho CRM provides real-time chat and email support. It tracks event data such as calls, emails, and chats. Features also include contact management, automated emails, lead management, etc. The price is also reasonable with free service for 3 users. Its paid plans start at $12/month.


Insightly is popular for its flexibility in combining sales and project management capabilities. This makes it ideal for small-scale businesses. The foundation of Insightly is easy to customize with various add-ons support. It is free for 2 users and paid plans start at $29/month.


HubSpot is by far the best FREE CRM available. It allows unlimited users and up to 1 million contacts. HubSpot’s advanced features include live chats, email tracking, and meeting schedule. The user interface is user-friendly and highly customizable. Premium Plans start at $50/month for additional features if needed. However, the free plan is enough for a small business.

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