Free CRM Software in 2022 For Business

Best Free CRM for Enterprise

As a business grows, the need for CRM software becomes highly valuable and gets priority.

CRM software stands for Customer Relationship Management system. A free CRM software will do basic stuff need for running a small business such as counting leads and storing customer contact lists.

Free CRM Software For Small Business

For a small startup, a free CRM can do all the necessary tasks. This CRM software will not cost any money but you can purchase the premium features that they offer. Free CRM will offer contact management, leads counting, and implementation with other compatible apps.

In this article, we will talk about some best CRM software that is absolutely free to use. If you are running a small business, you should check out our article on Best CRM Software For Small Business.

Best Free CRM 2022

Well, there are many CRM software providing free services currently. We will make a list of some of the best CRM software in the market. Using a free CRM doesn’t mean it will be bad or cannot handle business. A free CRM can handle all the basic necessities of a small business.

This includes contact management, an easy payment system, and compatibility. All of them also provide premium services. You can avail of those by paying monthly or yearly.

Here are some of the best free CRM software-

  • Hubspot
  • Zoho
  • Salesforce
  • Bitrix24
  • EngageBay
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HubSpot CRM

HubSpot provides a free plan for a long time. It is a cloud-based tool that supports deal management, contact management, sales automation, and more.

Even with the free plan, you will get HubSpot community support anytime. It also supports automated emails for your customers. This CRM software also has mobile apps.

Zoho CRM

For managing a small business Zoho CRM free plan is more than enough. The free plan supports up to 3 users and you can get the premium plan for more functionality starting at $9.99/month per user.

It offers interaction with customers through email, social media, chat or call. Its features include lead management, contact list, sales forecasting, etc.


With SalesForce free CRM you can grow your business faster. One unique feature of it is reporting in real-time. It provides data tracking and analytics. The free services include lead and contact management, a customizable dashboard, and a mobile application.

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